VALKEN ASL Mod-M/L Series Airsoft Rifles

Looking for a good starter airsoft rifle? VALKEN has your back with their ASL line. In this post, we will be looking at their Mod-M and Mod-L series, an AR based platform that is a middle ground between longer DMR and shorter PDW variants.

Internally, all ASL rifles will be the same and out of the box should perform similarly, with small deviations in FPS and accuracy based on the length of the rifle. Externally, the Mod-M and Mod-L would be considered the standard carbine length, similar to that of the M4 platforms. However, an improvement from the base M4 platforms is that the Mod-M/L arrives out of the box with a quad picatinny rail handguard which allows easier modification and a wider range of attachments.

More over, the ASL series are ambidextrous, allowing easy usage by both left and right dominant shooters. You will find a mag release and fire selector on both sides of the receiver, and a large trigger guard allows you to use the Mod-M/L with gloves. Furthermore, the ASL series arrives with an enhanced pistol grip, making long usage much more comfortable. And the removable back-up sights have built in high visibility sights that allow easier acquisition in low-light environments.

All necessary components are made of metal to reinforce against normal usage, but other components are made of nylon fibers. You may want a full metal rifle for added realism but most users will appreciate the nylon fibers for it gives you the reinforcement of metal bodies with the lighter weight advantages of polymer.


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