Why Shop At Tactical Adventures?

Whether you are a law enforcement professional, paintball or airsoft player, enjoy hunting, want to shoot some tin cans with a BB or pellet gun, looking for armour protection, or are just looking for some tough tactical gear than Tactical Adventures inside Forest City Surplus Canada is the place to go. 

Gear for Law Enforcement Personnel

Hunting Supplies

Airsoft and Paintball Gear

Get out and feel the exhilaration of an airsoft or paintball game!
Most of us live boring lives where we work at an office pushing paper or go to school and do mounds of homework, or doing repetitive tasks in manufacturing. Compare this to the adrenaline rush you get when you narrowly dodge an airsoft BB or a paintball or the feeling you get from the blowback of firing an airsoft pistol, or hitting your target. The fun of dressing up like a soldier in military clothing, without having to enlist.
No board meeting comes close to the fun of simulating military action!

We carry

Military Personnel Training for Less!

When training Police departments use our airsoft pistols instead of real firearms to practice tactics such as vehicle searches without having the risk of using live loaded firearms. The airsoft versions are same weight and measurements as the firearm equivalent. As bullets are expensive airsoft and paintball can provide the military simulated training that military and police need for much less. This allows for cost savings or additional training on the same budget.

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