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KWA's Professional Training Pistol series is designed to provide enough realism for law enforcement and military training purposes

KWA's Professional Training Pistol series
is designed to provide
enough realism for
law enforcement and
military training purposes

Blowback action provides a more
realistic feel when firing the gun

Spare magazines now available

Only $229.95 each

Enola Gaye Wire Pull Smoke Grenades

If a smoke shield is what you’re after,
we’ve got you covered with these blue or
orange smoke grenades!

Easy and quick to use makes these
perfect for a fast paced airsoft game!

Simply uncap the grenade and pull the
wire ring for up to 120 seconds of smoke time.

Only $12.95 each

Colt M4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Rifle

Training Weapon System version
of the U.S. army service rifle
Version two 7mm Bearing Gearbox
MOSFET System allows you to
run 11.1V Li-Po batteries
Removable black flash hider
R.I.S. Picatinny rail system
for attching scopes, sights,
flashlights, and
other tactical accessories
Carbine version has a
shorter barrel allowing the
operator to enter buildings
6-position retractable stock

Only $269

KA-BAR® Straight Edge Full-Size USMC Combat Knives

Originally Designed to Serve
U.S. Troops During World War II
and it is Still Doing its Job,
with Honours,
Nearly 70 Years Later.

Rated one of the top 5 survival knives

Only $119.95

Ares® Amoeba Striker Gen2 Sniper Rifle

Created around the idea of
modular systems,
the Amoeba Striker
is simple to use.
It features the
Amoeba's compact power bolt,

The Amoeba features an
adjustable cheek riser,
adjustable stock, and
interchangeable grip plates.

Only $249.95

PT99 airsoft pistol

Full metal, Blowback,
Semi-Automatic and Full-Automatic
at only $129.95!
how could it get even better?

For $189.95 we have created a kit that includes a ton of savings!
An extra magazine, 5 CO2 Cartridges,
drop leg holster and 5000 .20g bbs!
The kit is only $189.95!
The same price as the PT99 sells by itself at other stores!

Only $189.95

Tippmann TMC

Dominate the paintball field
with the Tippmann TMC
With an authentic AR15 design,
this all-new Mag-Fed paintball gun offers
the most realistic look
and feel possible on the paintball field.

With the ability to switch on the fly between hopper magazine-fed operation,
the TMC allows users to stay competitive in any combat situation. Its modular barrel shroud and Picatinny top rail make the versatility of the TMC second to none, allowing you to customize your rifle with a range of grips, lasers, lights, and lighting systems.

Only $330

Dan Wesson Revolver

This 2.5-inch Gold revolver licensed by Dan Wesson
offers realistic shooting fun in a handy size.
Each of the 6 cartridges holds one 4.5 MM steel BB
and is placed in the metal cylinder
that rotates as each round is fired.

Only $249.95


Styled after the
standard issue service rifle
of the British Armed Forces
since 1987

The L85 series has a unique bullpup design where the bolt group and magazine are placed in the stock behind the trigger. This design allows the weapon to be shorter and lighter than a conventional rifle design while keeping the same barrel length and effective range. These advantages improve the maneuverability in narrow spaces while retaining with the same power and accuracy needed for open field battles.

Only $399

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